Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flameout.....Windmill Restart

Sorry blog.
Sorry loyal readers. yes. all 6 of you.
I have put my training on the highest priority I can afford. Unfortunately, that means other things would have to suffer a lack of quantum allotment, i.e. - time. Posting to this blog is one of them. Posting workouts to Daily Mile is another. I have been able to continue to run, as close to the training program as (once again) time allows. I still have not registered for my goal of the Cleveland Marathon. With 3 1/2 weeks left before I better find some time to do that. Currently, I feel good about being able to run the distance. I did a 17 mile run on Sunday April 18th, I felt good. I tried to intentionally hit the "wall" just to see how my body reacted. I don't think I ever hit it. i felt pretty good all the way through the run, finding that towards the end it was getting harder to start back up after stopping for traffic. I never felt my body quit though. I actually had enough energy once I got back home to make a short trip to Kohl's with the
wife and then hang the shelves in my "Jr" astronauts room. Speaking, of "Jr." astronaut, he is sick again, 3rd time in as many months. Double ear infection. Sinus infection (green goopy tears). Pretty much assured he is suffering from allergies (is 8 months too young?). Chest congestion (left over from sickness #2). Teething. Ugh!...what a mess. Although, through it all, he has been the happiest little guy there is. He is truly my inspiration to live everyday to the fullest, and find the good in everything. I won't bother posting any current training logs...they're there on Garmin Connect if you want to see em. I will try to post more often, now that I am back on a sane schedule. “The flower that follows the sun does so even in cloudy days” -- R. Leighton

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