Monday, May 9, 2011

"I think it's gonna be a long, long time."

My knee aches.  Not the killing, can't walk kind of pain, but there is definitely something wrong there.  Training has fallen by the wayside.  It will be a struggle just to get through these 26.2 miles.  There will be pain and agony.  I'm not so worried about my body giving up. What has me concerned is mentally I just feel defeated. Already. A week before the marathon.  And if my head is not in it, I'm afraid that I've already lost.  I went out this morning for a quick 3 miler just to loosen up after running 9 trail miles. I think I have discovered the cause of my knee pain though. I found as I was running I would lock my ankle and my gait would change... this was causing my knee to turn outward on a down stroke.  The only reason I can think of locking my ankle like that is to take some strain off my calve muscle, sometimes I get too forward on my foot and really strain my calf.  Well, I figure I've got a week to figure it out and heal the damage already done.  Oh Boy!  T minus 1 week.