Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time Travels

Birthday Week in the old Moses household this week. I turned 35 on Sunday. I guess that's quite an achievement, seeing as how as a teenager I never expected to make it this far. I remember figuring out how old I would be in 2010 (because that was so far in the future), 35 just seemed so old. Well, it is the future (still no flying cars yet) and 35 is not that old.
I went and celebrated with a 12.1 run on Sunday morning from Mayfield to North Chagrin Reservation. It was a beautiful morning and was perfect running weather. Why 12.1 miles?... laziness, the extra mile off was a gift to myself. Spent the rest of the day finishing the drywall in the basement. Lots of sanding and mudding and taping. I at least got a chance to listen to some of my music that has been piling up. I have a tendency to buy music impulsively, then not listen to it. I had recently purchased some older reggae tunes : The Abyssinians, The Heptones, Bunny Wailer... some real good Studio One stuff. If you're a fan of roots reggae I implore you to keep an eye on www.audiodumpdive.blogspot.com
as I will be posting some of these tracks as soon as I get some time. I also have found that running to reggae music is quite relaxing.

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