Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dispatch from Tranquility Base.

Regards from tranquility base,I'll write you when I can,but if you never hear from me, I'll know you'll understand. It has been awhile since I've posted anything here. Been busy living... and haven't really felt all too reflective. Running has been good. I hit some goals I set for races that I had run...perhaps I will post them when I get a chance. Peace.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10.10.10 or 42

Somewhere, I read that the dates binary equivalent is 42.  Most sci-fi fans also know that 42 is the answer to life,the universe and everything.  Apparently, the question remains a little ambiguous.  Yesterday found me running the Towpath Half-Marathon in Peninsula,  Ohio.  It was my first time at the event. The weather was a cool 66 degrees at the start.  Due to some navigational errors (apologies to my co-pilot) we got to the starting line just prior to start.  I normally don't mind starting from the back of the pack and working my way forward, but in this case because the trails were so narrow it was hard to pass at times.  Kinda wish I would have pushed more to the front prior to the start.  We started off down the drive from Brandywine Ski Resort and made our way onto Brandywine Rd.  From there it was about a two mile jaunt past Boston Mills then to the towpath itself. Once I hit the towpath I had decided to settle in to a comfortable pace.  This turned out to be faster than I had thought.  Through training, and especially the last two weeks, I had dealt with a sinus infection that had interrupted some of the key runs that I had scheduled.  I was anticipating a pace of 8:30 to 8:45, I was shocked to see that I was clipping along comfortably at 8:15.  I kept this pace through the turnaround at mile 8.  At this point in the run the marathoners had made their way onto to the towpath. This restricted us to running single file for the most part, or passing on the precarious right muddy shoulder.  There were a couple of runners that I seemed to be playing "leapfrog" with as I would pass them then they would over take me.  I think we all had the same strategy in mind to save enough to throttle it up at the end. None of us knowing exactly when to hit the button. I noted that the final mile markers were not very well marked, particularly miles 12 and 13.  Due to not being able to gauge the final distance (the harmon was off about .25 of a mile at this point) when I saw the approaching exit point of the towpath I floored it. Pushing everything I had into an all out sprint.  I knew the finish wasn't too far from this point.  I didn't realize just how close it was.  About 50 ft.  She's...I almost crashed into the poor girl handling the medals.  I bowed and got my medal. Checked my garmin: 1:48. Awesome. Beat my goal time of 1:50.  Checked my official times and was 1:48:17. Placed 170th out of 1084 and 20th in my age group.  All in all a good run. A little sore the next day but a couple of Advil seemed to help.  Looking forward to getting back to jus running with no training schedule. Although, the Turkey Trot is only a few weeks away. I'm sure a tempo run or two will creep in there. See you out there.

P.S.- I almost forgot it was the WWFoR weekend. Congratulations to all the runners who ran and thanks to the organizers who worked very hard to make it accessible to all.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who's the king of your satellite castle?

Was a Wednesday morning run that I did not want to start. Didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Procrastinated getting dressed. Lagged checking the ipod playlist. Delayed tying my shoes. Stepped outside twice to check the weather. I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider going back inside to change. Stretched extra long. Then finally, said to myself "just run". Went out this morning because the training plan told me too. Went out this morning because I needed to clear my head. Went out this morning because its what I normally do on Wednesdays. Went out this morning because I can have Dunkin Donuts coffee with cream and sugar when I run. Of all the other myriad of reasons I went out this morning, the last one was probably the most compelling. I went out because not only does America run on Dunkin. I run on Dunkin.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time Travels

Birthday Week in the old Moses household this week. I turned 35 on Sunday. I guess that's quite an achievement, seeing as how as a teenager I never expected to make it this far. I remember figuring out how old I would be in 2010 (because that was so far in the future), 35 just seemed so old. Well, it is the future (still no flying cars yet) and 35 is not that old.
I went and celebrated with a 12.1 run on Sunday morning from Mayfield to North Chagrin Reservation. It was a beautiful morning and was perfect running weather. Why 12.1 miles?... laziness, the extra mile off was a gift to myself. Spent the rest of the day finishing the drywall in the basement. Lots of sanding and mudding and taping. I at least got a chance to listen to some of my music that has been piling up. I have a tendency to buy music impulsively, then not listen to it. I had recently purchased some older reggae tunes : The Abyssinians, The Heptones, Bunny Wailer... some real good Studio One stuff. If you're a fan of roots reggae I implore you to keep an eye on www.audiodumpdive.blogspot.com
as I will be posting some of these tracks as soon as I get some time. I also have found that running to reggae music is quite relaxing.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mission Accomplished.......well.....Mission Rebooted

Didn't know you were still here.  I figured you would have moved on by now. I have neglected this blog. The demands of family and work and trying to balance the two along with continuing to sneak in training runs (although there is no "goal" currently set) have left little in the way of free time. I started this blog to track my training and share some thoughts on what it would be like training for my first marathon. Well, my first marathon came and went. I finished over my goal of 4hrs (was just under 4:16)... I did meet my secondary goal of finishing and staying healthy through training and the race itself. I felt good during the race, although I feel I may have over-hydrated. (it was hard to down those last few glasses of water/Gatorade) I ran strong through 24 miles. At the water station for mile 24, I slowed to a walk and sipped my cup of water. That was a mistake. I was not in any "real" pain, but I was definitely fatigued. What had happened is by stopping I crushed the comfortable rhythm I had going. Trying to restart on tired legs proved too hard a feat. I walk/jogged the next mile and a half. Finally, I was able to get a semi comfortable pace going again, but by then I just wanted to be done. Running was no longer fun. The weather was no longer nice. The skyscrapers sucked. The shirt I was wearing sucked. The music I had pumping through my headphones was awful. I think this was my mental wall, and at 25.5 miles I was forcing my way through it on sheer will alone.
The way the course had been set up there was quick right turn followed by a quick left turn that led into the finishing chutes. Turning that last left and seeing the finish line quickly strengthened my resolve and gave me the confidence and boost I needed to find a rhythm and finish with a strong run.
It was great experience. I am now officially a marathon runner.
I feel I could have done better. I feel like there was more in me that I couldn't/ didn't tap into at the time. This could be that I didn't meet my time goal. I had such a mental hurdle so late in the run. So I am rebooting the Mission. De-constructing the plan and starting over. There are other races that I want to run this fall, but my ultimate goal will be 2011 Cleveland Marathon. And, a finish under 4hrs.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Successful Test

Completion of the 2010 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon
Official Time: 4:15:47 Check out new Music: www.audiodumpdive.blogspot.com

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flameout.....Windmill Restart

Sorry blog.
Sorry loyal readers. yes. all 6 of you.
I have put my training on the highest priority I can afford. Unfortunately, that means other things would have to suffer a lack of quantum allotment, i.e. - time. Posting to this blog is one of them. Posting workouts to Daily Mile is another. I have been able to continue to run, as close to the training program as (once again) time allows. I still have not registered for my goal of the Cleveland Marathon. With 3 1/2 weeks left before I better find some time to do that. Currently, I feel good about being able to run the distance. I did a 17 mile run on Sunday April 18th, I felt good. I tried to intentionally hit the "wall" just to see how my body reacted. I don't think I ever hit it. i felt pretty good all the way through the run, finding that towards the end it was getting harder to start back up after stopping for traffic. I never felt my body quit though. I actually had enough energy once I got back home to make a short trip to Kohl's with the
wife and then hang the shelves in my "Jr" astronauts room. Speaking, of "Jr." astronaut, he is sick again, 3rd time in as many months. Double ear infection. Sinus infection (green goopy tears). Pretty much assured he is suffering from allergies (is 8 months too young?). Chest congestion (left over from sickness #2). Teething. Ugh!...what a mess. Although, through it all, he has been the happiest little guy there is. He is truly my inspiration to live everyday to the fullest, and find the good in everything. I won't bother posting any current training logs...they're there on Garmin Connect if you want to see em. I will try to post more often, now that I am back on a sane schedule. “The flower that follows the sun does so even in cloudy days” -- R. Leighton

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Communications Blackout"

Been a bit busy in Casa Moe for the past couple of weeks, training is going good although, my pace is still erratic. I did a "Tempo Run" on the 12th and was pleased with the 8:23 pace..would like to get that a little faster. I'm about worn out with the snow...as are most runners in the snow belt.  Never question their commitment though.  Ran the Trail Challenge 15k on Valentine's Day. Conditions were brutal. Had 6" of fresh snow to trudge through, footing was shaky at best, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of quitting after the first lap..just wasn't much fun. Fortunately, I slipped right instead of left and stumbled past the break-off point and continued on to the second lap of the 15k. Slowed a bit and tried to enjoy the quite and the fresh falling snow on the trail.  Was a little easier without so many people on the trail, but finding the right footing took most of my attention.  After finishing: 1:53:41 (41st out of 79 runners) I didn't
think that was too shabby for not only the first actual trail run but for the longest training mileage to date.

+ 03.02.10 : 4.14 miles / 9'16" pace
+ 05.02.10 : 4.13 miles / 9'31" pace
+ 07.02.10 : 7.04 miles / 9'13" pace
+ 10.02.10 : 5.04 miles / 10'02" pace
+ 12.02.10 : 4.12 miles / 8'23" pace
+ 14.02.10 : 9.27 miles / 12'14" pace

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"The man up in the tower is enjoying the show.."

Week 1 of marathon training is in the books. Was a good week, I did stray slightly from the plan on Friday. Was -4 deg outside and was not about to run after it had rained the day prior. I figured I would make it up Sunday
and go for an extra long run, add the 2 miles to LSD. It was no warmer Sunday, but at least there was light outside. I'd have to admit my pace is all over the charts, ranging from 9:45 / mile to 8:57 / mile. I guess "all over the charts" is probably a little exaggerated...I guess what I mean is that I am having a hard time judging my pace on perceived effort alone. I think through these early weeks of training, I will try to use them to become more in tune to my perceived effort and overall bodily feeling. I hope this will sharpen my overall accord and be beneficial on race day.
See you out there.
Wed 27.1 - 4.11 mi / 8'57" Thu 28.1 - 3.06 mi / 9'45"
Sun 31.1 - 7.00 mi / 9'14"
Week 1 14.17 mi / 9'18" avg. pace

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Monday, January 25, 2010

I hope my legs don't break walking on the Moon

Practice trail run Sunday. Ran the North Chagrin Reservation bridle trail with a group for the Run w/ Your Heart Trail Challange. Shout out to the runners from the Second Sole in Lyndhurst who allowed us to run with them. Conditions on the trail left a lot to be desired. It started off with a mix of chunky ice and slushy wet snow, making traction quite difficult. After about mile one the trail just turned wet. Mud and standing water everywhere. I found the best place to run was the drainage channel at the side of the path. All in all it was a fun run. There were many lessons along the way.
- Running with a partner is pointless in crappy conditions, it makes the run less fun for you it makes the run less fun for them. Just avoid it.
- You will get wet and dirty. Do not spend the energy trying to avoid mud puddles and horse manure for the first 3 miles only to hit a stream with no crossing blocks at 3.5 miles. You're going to get dirty. Suck it up.
- Keep your distance. When running through the mud/poop mix that is your trail, stay far enough behind the person in front of you so as not to be catching the crud off their shoes with your face. Or wear a chemical shield.
- Steep hills suck. Switchbacks suck. Combine the two and it's ok to walk up them.
- Nature is beautiful. There are many photographs of ice covered trees and half frozen waterfalls. Spend time looking at these photographs. If you look at these things on the trail, you will crash into beautiful ice covered branches.
- Water proof shoes are a good idea. They keep water from getting to your sock. Once water gets inside, it like running with your feet in buckets.
- Streams are just larger, deeper puddles. Sometimes with fish.
All in all a lot of fun. Thanks to the runners of Second Sole and to Beth from C4FC for putting on a fun run.
Distance: 5.01 / 11' 13" pace
Check out new Music: www.audiodumpdive.blogspot.com

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Your circuit's dead, is there something wrong?

Another morning, another run
After running 5 miles Wednesday, I was still a little sore. Both my calves and my shins have been aching the past few mornings. I can only attribute it to standing at work more than normal. We've been quite busy as of late and I haven't planted myself in my chair as often, so I think I may be feeling the effects of missing some of the recovery time that I was getting by sitting periodically throughout the day. No worry, I started using a towel to stretch deeper and longer before my runs and it seems to help too. The fact that the roads are clearer now due to some unusually warmer weather is a nice touch and has prompted me to break out the new Adidas Responses... then put them away again.(they are so white and new!!)
One thing has been pestering me though as of late, since I got the Forerunner and have been accuratley tracking my miles and pace. I have found my pace is way below what I thought it was. This has been a little discouraging. I know that the Nike+ pod is actually a pizoelectric accelerometer and not all that accurate. (Even though it had been calibrated repeatedly) I just am having a bit of difficulty not trying to push myself every run to get a faster avg pace.

"A man can never hope to be more than he is if he is not first honest about what he isn’t.” -- D. Williams Jr.

Did the Friday morning run for a shorter distance and at a quicker pace just to see how long I could maintain the pace for. Glad to say I was able to keep it up for almost 4 miles. Will definatley have to incorporate some speed work into training.
Distance 3.66 mi. / 8' 16" pace

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Telemetry Data Uploaded

Ran the path Sunday at Euclid Creek Reservation.  It's a nice path that follows the banks of the creek for the most part. It is 2.5 miles long and runs uphill. I don't think I was really ready for how steep some of the hills seemed. I decided to run from the lowest point up, thinking I would be fresh enough to handle the incline.  Not so much, I made it but there were portions that were excruciatingly tough.  I did get to try out the new Garmin 305. I like it alot, it located satallites very fast. It was extremley accurate. Now having a heart rate monitor is nice. However, I found myself wondering what my maximum heart rate should be and how can I tell if I'm having a heart attack. Seriously though, I did spend alot of time looking at it instead of concentrating on running.  Once the newness wears off I don't think it will be a problem.  Not only was I impressed by the ease of use during a run, but the amazing amount of data it collects.  When I plugged it into the computer it broke down each mile into individual laps (a setting that can be changed to longer or lesser distances.  It tracked avg. speed, min/max pace, charted heart rate to pace, heart rate to distance, calories burned, heart rate per lap. I also signed found that by using the Sportracks Advisor plugin for Buckeye Outdoors, I was able to seamlesly integrate my run data into the training planner. 
I also alteredt my marathon training program this weekend.  The program I was on seemed too flexible and didn't really fit into my schedule well.  I though I could make it work but it was becoming too difficult to keep to that schedule. So I scrapped it and went to a 16 week rookie plan.  Although, this plan does include and extra day of running I think I should be able to complete this one a little easier, plus all my long runs could be scheduled for Sundays.  This plan doesn't start until Jan 25th so I will just run to build a little more base milage before I start.
See you out there.
Distance: 5.03 miles / 8' 47" pace

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