Monday, January 25, 2010

I hope my legs don't break walking on the Moon

Practice trail run Sunday. Ran the North Chagrin Reservation bridle trail with a group for the Run w/ Your Heart Trail Challange. Shout out to the runners from the Second Sole in Lyndhurst who allowed us to run with them. Conditions on the trail left a lot to be desired. It started off with a mix of chunky ice and slushy wet snow, making traction quite difficult. After about mile one the trail just turned wet. Mud and standing water everywhere. I found the best place to run was the drainage channel at the side of the path. All in all it was a fun run. There were many lessons along the way.
- Running with a partner is pointless in crappy conditions, it makes the run less fun for you it makes the run less fun for them. Just avoid it.
- You will get wet and dirty. Do not spend the energy trying to avoid mud puddles and horse manure for the first 3 miles only to hit a stream with no crossing blocks at 3.5 miles. You're going to get dirty. Suck it up.
- Keep your distance. When running through the mud/poop mix that is your trail, stay far enough behind the person in front of you so as not to be catching the crud off their shoes with your face. Or wear a chemical shield.
- Steep hills suck. Switchbacks suck. Combine the two and it's ok to walk up them.
- Nature is beautiful. There are many photographs of ice covered trees and half frozen waterfalls. Spend time looking at these photographs. If you look at these things on the trail, you will crash into beautiful ice covered branches.
- Water proof shoes are a good idea. They keep water from getting to your sock. Once water gets inside, it like running with your feet in buckets.
- Streams are just larger, deeper puddles. Sometimes with fish.
All in all a lot of fun. Thanks to the runners of Second Sole and to Beth from C4FC for putting on a fun run.
Distance: 5.01 / 11' 13" pace
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