Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"The man up in the tower is enjoying the show.."

Week 1 of marathon training is in the books. Was a good week, I did stray slightly from the plan on Friday. Was -4 deg outside and was not about to run after it had rained the day prior. I figured I would make it up Sunday
and go for an extra long run, add the 2 miles to LSD. It was no warmer Sunday, but at least there was light outside. I'd have to admit my pace is all over the charts, ranging from 9:45 / mile to 8:57 / mile. I guess "all over the charts" is probably a little exaggerated...I guess what I mean is that I am having a hard time judging my pace on perceived effort alone. I think through these early weeks of training, I will try to use them to become more in tune to my perceived effort and overall bodily feeling. I hope this will sharpen my overall accord and be beneficial on race day.
See you out there.
Wed 27.1 - 4.11 mi / 8'57" Thu 28.1 - 3.06 mi / 9'45"
Sun 31.1 - 7.00 mi / 9'14"
Week 1 14.17 mi / 9'18" avg. pace

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