Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Communications Blackout"

Been a bit busy in Casa Moe for the past couple of weeks, training is going good although, my pace is still erratic. I did a "Tempo Run" on the 12th and was pleased with the 8:23 pace..would like to get that a little faster. I'm about worn out with the snow...as are most runners in the snow belt.  Never question their commitment though.  Ran the Trail Challenge 15k on Valentine's Day. Conditions were brutal. Had 6" of fresh snow to trudge through, footing was shaky at best, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of quitting after the first lap..just wasn't much fun. Fortunately, I slipped right instead of left and stumbled past the break-off point and continued on to the second lap of the 15k. Slowed a bit and tried to enjoy the quite and the fresh falling snow on the trail.  Was a little easier without so many people on the trail, but finding the right footing took most of my attention.  After finishing: 1:53:41 (41st out of 79 runners) I didn't
think that was too shabby for not only the first actual trail run but for the longest training mileage to date.

+ 03.02.10 : 4.14 miles / 9'16" pace
+ 05.02.10 : 4.13 miles / 9'31" pace
+ 07.02.10 : 7.04 miles / 9'13" pace
+ 10.02.10 : 5.04 miles / 10'02" pace
+ 12.02.10 : 4.12 miles / 8'23" pace
+ 14.02.10 : 9.27 miles / 12'14" pace

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