Friday, January 22, 2010

Your circuit's dead, is there something wrong?

Another morning, another run
After running 5 miles Wednesday, I was still a little sore. Both my calves and my shins have been aching the past few mornings. I can only attribute it to standing at work more than normal. We've been quite busy as of late and I haven't planted myself in my chair as often, so I think I may be feeling the effects of missing some of the recovery time that I was getting by sitting periodically throughout the day. No worry, I started using a towel to stretch deeper and longer before my runs and it seems to help too. The fact that the roads are clearer now due to some unusually warmer weather is a nice touch and has prompted me to break out the new Adidas Responses... then put them away again.(they are so white and new!!)
One thing has been pestering me though as of late, since I got the Forerunner and have been accuratley tracking my miles and pace. I have found my pace is way below what I thought it was. This has been a little discouraging. I know that the Nike+ pod is actually a pizoelectric accelerometer and not all that accurate. (Even though it had been calibrated repeatedly) I just am having a bit of difficulty not trying to push myself every run to get a faster avg pace.

"A man can never hope to be more than he is if he is not first honest about what he isn’t.” -- D. Williams Jr.

Did the Friday morning run for a shorter distance and at a quicker pace just to see how long I could maintain the pace for. Glad to say I was able to keep it up for almost 4 miles. Will definatley have to incorporate some speed work into training.
Distance 3.66 mi. / 8' 16" pace

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